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Feminist Bloggers Angry over My Interview on VAWA, Domestic Violence Policies

October 9th, 2007 by Glenn Sacks, MA for Fathers & Families

Pajamas Media advice columnist Dr. Helen Smith interviewed me recently on the subject of the Violence Against Women Act, the way our legal system handles domestic violence, and related issues–see Fighting for Men’s Rights (Pajamas Media, 10/8/07). Readers can comment on their experiences with domestic violence laws by clicking here.

Several prominent feminist bloggers are unhappy over my interview. These include:

1) Leading feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon, who says:

“Glenn…makes it clear in this interview, he’s on your side if you’re angry that your stupid, broken wife resists your abuse. He condemns restraining orders, because they make it harder to get to your wife in order to beat her.”

To join the discussion on Amanda’s blog, click here.

2) Male feminist blogger Jeff Fecke, who (sigh) calls me a “misogynist.” To join the discussion on his blog(s), click here and here.

3) Male feminist blogger Scott Lemieux, who derides my claim that domestic violence restraining orders are sometimes used by women to gain leverage in custody disputes. To join the discussion on his blog, click here.

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