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Ad: ‘Men Only Want Sex’

July 16th, 2008 by Glenn Sacks, MA for Fathers & Families

On one level, this ad for Active soft drinks certainly could be seen as insulting to men.  On another, it does reflect a certain reality, albeit in exaggerated form.

Doing the work I do, I often see men who have been harmed or destroyed by the sexual choices they have made.  I don’t believe in blaming the victim, but some of these men made foolish choices, and in some cases they should have been able to see it. 

Some men are way, way too willing to have sex with any woman who comes their way, particularly if she’s pretty, like the woman in this ad.  This can create many problems, including marital breakups, paternity issues, out-of-wedlock births, unwanted pregnancies and births, false rape accusations, and a host of other ills. 

I try not to paint a dark picture of the world for my teenage son, but I do try to warn him not to make some of the mistakes I often see men make.  Being insufficiently discriminating in choice of sexual partners is one of them.

To watch the ad, click here or see below.


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