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Fox Host Juliet Huddy Makes the Right Choice

August 19th, 2008 by Glenn Sacks, MA for Fathers & Families

I appeared on Fox’s nationally-syndicatedáMorning Show with Mike and Juliet recently (to watch, click here)áand was pleased to learn some good news about Fox host Juliet Huddy (pictured).

Some of you may remember that several months agoáJuliet and I had an argument on theáMorning Show during a debate on issue of Single Motherhood by Choice.á

Juliet said that she was 38-years-old and was running out of time to become a mother.á She said that she would love to have a husband and a family, but she also thought that Single Motherhood by Choice was a good option.

I countered that fatherless children are deprived of something very valuable.á I also disputed her claim that she could not find a husband or marital happiness.á I said that she and many other women are simply too critical and too picky–great at picking apart the guy’s flaws but apparently unaware of their own imperfections.á

I said, “Look Juliet, I’m married but I’m not blind.á You’re a very attractive woman and there are plenty of good menáwho would consider themselves very lucky to be your husband.”áTo watch the video of that show, click here–our argument begins at about 9:00.

Given Juliet’s previous comments, and the fact that she is running out of time to have a baby, I figured she was going to go the Single Motherhood by Choice route. You know the deal — she’ll decide to get pregnant, she’ll go on her show and announce to her largely female audience that she’s a single mother by choice and that there is no father, and the audience will applaud and give her a big “You go girl.”á

Then as a pregnancy progresses we’ll all be told about how wonderful and empowering this is.á After she gives birth, we’ll hear lots about how mom and baby are happy and the baby has everything he or she could possibly need or want even though there is no father.á I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Anyway, apparently that’s not going to happen.á While we were in the green room before the show I noticed Juliet’s ring.á I asked her, “Is that what I think it is?”á She said yes,áshe is engaged, andáshe is getting married on January 23.á I congratulated her and got a big hug.á I’m hoping it all works out for her, and I’m glad she made the right choice.

She had announced her engagement on the show a few months earlier–I had missed it. Her fiancÚ is Doug Barrett. Her co-host Mike Jerrick made the announcement on the show here.

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