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February 5th, 2009 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

Her multiple criminal acts go completely unpunished.  She doesn’t even get disciplined at work.  It’s illegal even to identify her.  She swims untouched through every net.

He is innocent, but is clapped in handcuffs, arrested and charged with rape.  Even after the case is proven to be a fraud, he’s still identified as, at one time a criminal wrongdoer, and later as simply a suspect who was arrested and charged.  His experience has “ruined his life,” including losing job opportunities, not being able to apply for visas to travel to foreign countries and having a police record.

And that’s where things stand.  All perfectly neat, all perfectly legal.  A man’s life ruined with no consequences.  As with paternity fraud, the United Kingdom opts for lies over truth, irresponsibility over responsibility.

Read about it here (Daily Mail, 1/25/09).  The BBC “personality” told police her boyfriend had raped her 40 times over the course of their several-year relationship.  He was arrested and charged until it turned out it was all a lie, a complete fabrication.  And no one knows who this woman is or that she did this to this innocent man.  Presumably no one ever will.

So what’s to prevent her from doing the same thing to the next man who looks at her crossways?  How do we know she hasn’t done it ten times before?  How do the police know?

Hopefully this man will sue the pants off of her.  The last time I checked, libel, slander and defamation of character were still at least civil offenses in the UK.

Thanks to the Daily Mail for a properly outraged article.

And kudos to reader Tim Murray who is quoted in the piece.  Excellent work Tim!

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