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What They’re Saying About Glenn Sacks

Sacks’ voice has come across loud and clear.”


“[Glenn] isn’t likely to be asked to appear on Oprah any time soon.”

–Rush Limbaugh, nationally syndicated radio talk show host

“I always enjoy Glenn’s newspaper columns.”

– Gloria Allred, feminist attorney

“A Great Guest.”

–CNN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell

“Glenn Sacks has been very effective in getting his message out and rectifying imbalances in media coverage and advertising. –Michelle Malkin, syndicated columnist, author, TV/Radio commentator

“I want to join hands with my fellow talk show host Glenn Sacks…I back his campaign against ‘Boys are Stupid’ shirts…[the shirts] are symptomatic of a much larger problem…the denigration of males.”

–Dr. Laura Schlessinger, nationally syndicated radio talk show host

“It’s a pleasure being on Glenn’s show.”

–Martha Burk, leader of the Augusta Golf boycott

“Glenn writes writes with guts, with brio.”

–Larry Elder, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and
best-selling author

“[Glenn Sacks' Campaign Protesting Father-Bashing Domestic Violence Ads is] an example of how to [protest] right…That’s an example of how it ought to be done.”

author, leading blogger Glenn Reynolds (aka “Instapundit”)

“The closest thing that the Fathers’ Rights Movement has to a public tribune.”

California Lawyer magazine

“[Glenn] needs to lighten up.”

–Sharon Osborurne of The Osbournes

“I admire Glenn’s testicular fortitude.”

– Michael Medved, nationally syndicated radio talk show host

“A women-bashing, backlash shock-jock radio host.”

–Helen Grieco, Executive Director of the
National Organization for Women, California chapter

“[Glenn] is the Gloria Allred for men.”

–Michael Levine, founder of Levine Communications Office,
one of the most prominent entertainment PR firms in the US

“It would be hard to do a better job with promoting fatherhood and fathers’ rights than Glenn Sacks”

–Mike Gallagher, nationally-syndicated radio talk show host

“[Glenn and] this men’s right movement…[are]…a bunch of guys drinking beer…mad that they’ve got to do child-support payments. I think it’s just irresponsible.”

–John Kasich, governor of Ohio

“[Glenn gives] a spirited debate.”

–Alan Colmes of Fox’s Hannity & Colmes

“I’m glad Glenn is doing the work he’s doing.”

–Nationally-syndicated radio talk show host Lars Larson

“[Glenn has] a “clear understanding of the importance of male role models.”

–Michael Savage, nationally syndicated radio talk show host

“People like Glenn Sacks…have destroyed America”

– Kevin Miller, radio talk show host, WERC AM 960 in Birmingham, Alabama

“[Glenn is] a bozo.”

–David Kronke, Los Angeles Times TV critic

“Glenn’s work is great. He’s like a white T-Mac. As a father, I really appreciate his articles.”

–Two-time NFL All-Pro cornerback Tim McKyer, aka “T-Mac”

“[Glenn] needs to get out of the house more often.”

–Todd Goldman, designer of the ‘Boys are Stupid’ Products

“[Glenn] really bothers me.”

–former Playboy model Bridget Marks, speaking of Glenn’s co-authored column
Ruling in High-Profile Marks Custody Case: Painful but Correct

“Color him father….he’s creating headlines with his campaign against inflammatory ‘Boys are Stupid’ t-shirts.”

–Radio guru Don Barrett of

“His Side with Glenn Sacks…is an unabashed, testosterone-driven program.”

–Dean Johnson, radio columnist for the Boston Herald

“Sacks specializes in angry-man issues from Boston to Los Angeles.”

Detroit News columnist Laura Berman

“Judging by his writings, [Sacks] is a difficult fellow to place on the linear political spectrum, but he certainly doesn’t deserve the label of ‘known right wing reactionary.’”

–Novelist Raywat Deonandan

“Glenn is doing wonderful work–I admire him….I’m pleased about his success–and not surprised!”

– Christina Hoff Sommers, author of Who Stole Feminism?
and The War Against Boys

“I can’t remember the last time we had so many callers on this show.”

–Ken Dolan, co-host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show
We’re the Dolans after Glenn’s hour-long appearance on the show

“I bet [Glenn] hasn’t had a date in a long time.”

–Dan Buck, Emmy award-winning co-host of the KTRS Morning Show in St. Louis

“[Glenn's] fans worship [him]. If Rush’s folks are ‘dittoheads’…I’ll just call them the Sackson Horde — they’ll like that.”

–male feminist professor Hugo Schwyzer

“Glenn doesn’t write one column that isn’t exceptionally well done. Anytime I see something by him I stop and read it. His article ‘Hate My Father? No Ma’am!’ is a classic, it’s a keeper. It’s one of those you’ll read over and over again, it’s encouraging and infuriating at the same time–that’s the gift of a writer like Glenn Sacks.”

– Ken Bagwell, host of Heads Up America on News Radio 570 WWNC
in Asheville, North Carolina

“It was an honor to have Glenn on my show”

–Dr. Helen Smith of Pajamas Media

“Glenn is just a terrific, terrific writer–he really gets to the heart of the matter.”

–Ernie Brown, host of America Live

“Always riveting.”

– Genevieve Kineke, Editor, Canticle Magazine

“I have to wonder what Glenn’s wife thinks of his writing.”

–Daria Dolan, co-host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show
We’re the Dolans.

“Glenn is an American hero for standing up for our military men.”

–Joyce Riley, founder and president of the
American Gulf War Veterans Association

“[Glenn's] articles are terrific–informative, fair-minded, and focused…his tone is just right.”

–Former Women’s Studies professor Daphne Patai, co-author of
Professing Feminism: Education and Indoctrination in Women’s Studies

“[Sacks] is not a crackpot — but I wish he were. It might make his openly anti-feminist tirades and affiliation with the ‘men’s rights movement’ a little less terrifying. Special rights for men in a country that’s run almost exclusively by and for men? Makes about as much sense as white power.”

–Jason Heller, Denver journalist

“A great, great guest.”

–Chris Core, talk show host, WMAL-ABC Radio, Washington DCW

“Glenn was one of the few journalists who saw through Clara Harris’ ‘betrayed wife’ persona and saw the ‘Murder by Mercedes’ case for what it was.”

–Private detective Bobbi Bacha of Blue Moon Investigations,
the agency which Clara hired to spy on her husband,
commenting on Glenn’s column “In Defense of David Harris.”

“Glenn’s writings on men’s issues are a needed voice in society today.”

–Nick Kasoff, talk show host, WGNU AM in St. Louis

“Glenn is one of the best columnists around on gender issues.”

–Eric Stanger, former producer of the Sean Hannity Show

“Congratulations [to Glenn] for his expose of feminist justice in ‘In Defense of David Harris’.”

–Paul Craig Roberts, syndicated columnist and author of The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice

“Glenn is a well-known journalist and from time to time one of the most unpopular people in America…he must get some beautiful e-mails…God love him”

– Bill Handel, radio talk show host, KFI 640 AM in Los Angeles

[Glenn's Verizon campaign is] working with a really outmoded notion of patriarchy….[and is] demonstrating extreme paranoia. But I think really the problem is a radical lack of sense of humor.”

–Susan Lee of the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board

“A passionate fathers’ advocate, but a fair one, too.”–Radio host Mark Taylor

[With Sacks' Verizon campaign against dads' doltish image] is he trying to dispute the doltish image or confirm it?

–Editorial Board, Spokane Spokesman Review

I recommend Glenn Sacks, a radio host and columnist. He documents many anti-male aspects of our society.”

–Roger Schlafly, Phyllis Schlafly’s son

[Glenn] lacks a sense of humor

–Tony Snow, nationally-syndicated radio talk show host

“I would like to take my hat off to [Glenn] for writing such a well thought out report on the suicide and the unjust way that fathers in the court system have been treated. Derrick was one of those victims.”

–Yavonne Miller, widow of Derrick Miller, describing Glenn’s column
Distraught Father’s Courthouse Suicide Highlights America’s
Male Suicide Epidemic” (San Diego Union-Tribune, 1/11/02)

“Glenn’s thoughts are coherent and I admire his taking the feminists to task for promoting many myths about women’s issues.”

–Rachel Watkins, National Association of
Catholic Home Educators (NACHE)

“Glenn’s work and writing have been wonderful.”

– Warren Farrell, author of Father and Child Reunion

“[Glenn is]… simply one of the weakest minds in print. No wonder he can write about men being abused by women. He has the spine of an amoebae.”

– Mark Landsbaum of

“Glenn’s a damn good interviewer.”

–Cal State Long Beach professor Barry Dank, Ph.D., editor of the academic journal Sexuality and Culture,
and a former guest on His Side with Glenn Sacks.

“[Glenn] obviously makes up the statistics he wants you to hear.”

–Feminist Family law attorney Cecile Weich, while debating Glenn on
Fox News Live with Alan Colmes
(Weich challenged Glenn’s assertion that most divorces
involving couples with children are initiated by women)

Every time I read one of Glenn’s articles I have the feeling that it’s one of the best pieces I’ve ever read by anybody on any gender issues topic. His stuff is consistently well written and reasoned. His tone is always engaging. The result is always a solid piece.”

– Jack Kammer, author of Good Will Towards Men

“[Glenn's] inability to view men as anything but victims [not to mention his knee-jerk anti-feminism] are mistaken. Nonetheless, I’ve debated him online and in email enough to know he’s a nice guy, capable of civil disagreement.”

–Feminist/leftist cartoonist Barry Deutsch, aka “Ampersand”

“Glenn’s doing great work for fathers.”

Matt O’Connor, leader of the UK’s powerful Fathers-4-Justice

“Glenn has a good niche, and it looks like he’s widely published…I wish him luck.”

–Kathleen Parker, nationally syndicated columnist

“[Glenn is an example of an] extremist on the subject of political correctness, [a] super-sensitive individual [who has] a capacity for creating controversies where none existed before, and for inflating complaints into crises.”

–Editorial Staff, Gary Post-Tribune (Indiana)

Being about the only guy that writes exclusively on men’s issues, [Glenn] showed a lot of character by tackling this issue [woman-bashing in the men's movement], because it is out there.”

–D.J. Hawkin, Professor of Religious Studies,
Memorial University of Newfoundland

“Don’t go to Glenn Sacks’ website unless you have some Peptol Bismol. Some of the injustices he describes are sickening.”

–Gary Nolan, nationally-syndicated radio talk show host

“Sacks is balanced like an Irishman–he’s got a chip on each shoulder.”

–unidentified caller on ABC Radio’s Early Morning Program in Australia

“Military dads have an advocate in radio’s Glenn Sacks.”

–Jim Brown, associate editor, Agape Press Christian News Service

“Glenn reminds me of Michael Moore in his willingness to advocate for what he believes in and take the heat.”

–Dr. Stephen Johnson, Men’s Center Los Angeles

“Fathers’ issues radio talk show host Glenn Sacks might be the premier authority on how non-custodial fathers, most of whom are very responsible and who would give anything to be an active part of their children’s lives, have been railroaded by the family court system time and again.”

Dutch Martin, columnist and member of Project 21,
an Washington, D.C. based African American leadership network

“Glenn takes contrary positions and discusses them in a fair, straightforward, convincing manner.”

–Mark Green, host of the TV talk show Flashpoint

“What Glenn says about fathers is absolutely correct.”

–Bill Maas, ESPN Radio on WHB AM 810 in Kansas City

“I have an enormous admiration for my friend Glenn and what he does…he writes about gender issues from an unabashedly male perspective–and that’s a damn good thing.”

–Charles Goyette, radio talk show host, KFYI AM 550 in Phoenix, AZ

“Glenn’s radio show has good issues.”

–Mr. KABC, host of the Los Angeles radio talk show “Ask Mr. KABC”

“Glenn Sacks is quickly becoming my new personal hero…..Everyone should make a point of reading Glenn’s columns on a regular basis. Any real feminist–one who believed in equality and equity between the sexes–certainly would.”

–Dean Esmay, blogger, Dean’s World

[Glenn is] so cute when he’s mad.”

National Review columnist Catherine Seipp

Glenn has called another campaign–whose house comes down this week?

–Gabriel, a poster on

“Glenn is an idiot.”

– Elaine Vigneault, feminist columnist

“As the mother of a boy, I owe Glenn a big thank you for what he’s done [with the campaign against 'Boys are Stupid' products].”

–Jenn Jordan, co-host of the Jeff and Jenn Morning Show
on WKRQ FM 102 in Cincinnati

“I give credit to this gentleman [Glenn] because he’s doing all he can to get more rights for men and fathers.”

–”Pete,” a caller on the Dave Taylor Show on CHQR radio in Calgary

“[Glenn's consumer boycott of "Boys Are Stupid" T-shirts] is another sign that the tipping point has arrived. Society is no longer willing to tolerate blatant hatred directed at boys — and I am so proud of Glenn for expressing the new “intolerance” [for boy-bashing] through free market means instead of legal ones.”

–Wendy McElroy, Fox News Columnist

“If ever there were an anthem for the men’s and fathers’ movement, [Glenn's column] ‘Hate My Father?� No Ma’am!‘ has got to be it.”

–Scott Garman, founder of the Men’s Activism News Network 

Most columnists aren’t good on the radio and most radio people aren’t good at writing columns. Glenn is one of the few who can do both.”

– Al Rantel, radio talk show host, KABC 790 AM in Los Angeles

“[Sacks is] self-deprecating, in a creepy, Barry Manilow kind of way.”

–Australian journalist Tim Blair, formerly a senior editor at Time magazine
and a columnist at Sydney’s Daily Telegraph

“I am very impressed with [Glenn's] his knowledge, decorum, and integrity [as a talk show host].”

–Athena Navarro, Los Angeles-based relationship coach

“I…give [Glenn] credit for having the courage to come out and say all of that.”

– Leon Harris, anchorman, CNN’s TalkBack Live

“Well, at least he spelled my name right.”

–Feminist commentator Susan Estrich, on being criticized in
Glenn’s column In Defense of David Harris

“[Glenn] is an idiot…My God, he is MAD! I don’t want him on my show and I don’t want him on my PLANET!”

– Lee Rodgers, radio talk show host, KSFO AM 560 in San Francisco

“…Sacks is a fair host. But does he want a merit badge for treating guests fairly? Should one be proud of not being a loudmouth jerk a la O’Reilly? Actually, in the world of talk radio, yes.”

–Tom Sylvester of the Institute for American Values,
referring to his 11/23 appearance on His Side

“Where would the right wing be without genial talk show hosts coating their arguments with charm? Glenn Sacks is here to fill that role…His charming manner, unfortunately, makes it easer to sell a philosophy that would make it even more difficult for women to leave abusive marriages, even more difficult for rape victims to file claims and would damage the well-being of children whose parents are divorced.”

–Feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte

“Was Russell Yates the monster deserving of the chorus of hatred being directed at him by feminists – and not-so-feminists?…I’ll bet not one of his accusers has ever had to deal with living with a mentally-ill person. I’ve found only one article, by Glenn Sacks, that seems to show some appreciation of the difficulties

–Mitchell Berg, blogger of Shot in the Dark, speaking of Glenn’s column “In Defense of a Flawed but Decent Russell Yates” (Houston Chronicle, 3/11/02)

“There are a lot of people who need to hear what Glenn has to say.”

–Tom Golden, author of Swallowed by a Snake:
The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing

“As someone who teaches women how to understand and appreciate men, I am used to being counter-culture. In advocating for men’s rights in a world where women are righteous, Glenn is out there ‘on the skinny branches’. I admire his commitment to justice for all.”

–Alison Armstrong, President of PAX Programs Inc. and the creator of the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop for women.

“Telling a joke Glenn Sacks doesn’t get would seem to be a dangerous proposition. Sacks used his talk show, ‘His Side,’ to launch a campaign that has chased the [Boys are Stupid] shirts from the shelves of [over 3,000 retail stores].”

–Dennis Roddy, columnist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“[Glenn has] near-celebrity status.”

–writer Danna Harman of the Christian Science Monitor

“[Glenn] truly has a gift for writing articulate pieces and for ensuring that they make it out in time for the news hook.”

– Ivy Stewart, Managing Editor, The Women’s Quarterly

“[Glenn] is a civil fellow, and that puts him head & shoulders above many in the fulminating biz.”

– James Lileks, columnist, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Radio host Glenn Sacks proves that the men’s movement Cassandras can be just as irritating as the women’s movement Cassandras. Do men really need protecting from those meanie women? Are they really a downtrodden class? Or are they just as good as an excuse as any to give a guy a soapbox? And, finally: Can’t we all stop whining and get along?”

--Syndicated columnist Amy Alkon (aka “The Advice Goddess”)

“Glenn…apparently thinks that crybaby-victimology misogyny is A-OK.”

–columnist Karen De Coster

“Glenn is doing very important advocacy for children, for men, and for women.”

– Jayne Major, PhD, the Executive Director of Breakthrough Parenting Services in Los Angeles

“I support [Glenn's] stand against the ‘Boys are Stupid’ T-shirts.”

–Paul W. Smith, radio talk show host, 760 WJR AM in Detroit, Michigan

“I don’t know where Glenn gets his ideas [about the Walker Lindh case] but they’re really scary.”

– Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated radio talk show host

“…how I could have used a man like Sacks when I was growing up — being called all kinds of names (especially, “stupid girl”) for daring to want to play sports with the boys, being told to go play with my dolls…[but now] we’ve moved on into the age of the Oppressed Male.”

San Francisco Chronicle feminist columnist Jane Ganahl in her column
“Will you please shut up and get a life, already?” (2/22/04)

“Glenn’s well-documented columns make it clear that many family-court judges and administrators are actively prejudiced against fathers…”

–writer/blogger Charlotte Allen of the Independent Women’s Forum

“Stupid is as stupid does”

–Editorial, Amarillo Globe-News, on Glenn’s campaign against ‘Boys are Stupid’ products

“One of America’s best and brightest columnists.”

– Jeffrey Leving, author of Fathers’ Rights

“I’m a UN peace keeper in East Timor and reading one of Glenn’s articles is an event we always look forward to.”

– Captain John Holley, S53 NZ Batt5

“I did check out [his] web site and have to say that I enjoyed it. It’s good to see an unabashedly pro-guy guy. And [he] addresses real issues too….”

Froma Harrop, syndicated columnist

“I’m angry about these [Boys are Stupid] shirts…I wish Glenn well–I think he’s got a real point here.”

- Joe Crummey, KABC talk show host

“Glenn is a wonderful guest.”

–Jenni Campbell, Asst. Producer, ABC Radio’s Early Morning Program in Australia

“I admire anyone who writes from a perspective that does not apologize for itself.”

– Sheridan Hill, freelance writer

“A sometimes controversial commentator.”

–Kansas City Star

These quotes are taken from Glenn’s radio appearances, from websites which contain or comment upon Glenn’s work, or from letters written to Glenn. We have substituted “Glenn is” for “you are” where appropriate to make it read easier. No quote was solicited.

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